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Berzins makes some company to Saulietis in HPK

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Finnish SM league club HPK has made two announcements today – Latvian forward Kaspars Saulietis, who was in the club for a try-out, has signed a one-year contract, but another Latvian Armands Berzins, who played parts of past two seasons with Dinamo Riga, has joined the club for a try-out.

Armands Berzins played full 2008/09 with the Dinamo Riga. He was third line center between Lauris Darzins and Mikelis Redlihs. The line had great chemistry, as all three had played together also in Latvian national team and HK Riga 2000, however Armands had one disadvantage – throughout the years he became too slow for his line partners. Dinamo Riga signed center Martin Kariya for 2009/10 and Berzins not only lost his spot on the third, but also on the fourth line, as fourth line center often was 1990-born Ronalds Cinks (KHL requires an U20 player on the roster, if the team is willing to play four full lines).

Berzins and Saulietis are not the first Latvian in HPK. In 2005/06, when HPK became the league champion, both Janis Sprukts and Kaspars Astasenko were on the roster, but during the 1990’s also Rodrigo Lavins and Vjaceslavs Fanduls spent one season with the club.