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Maksims Sirokovs will play in Karlskrona

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Latvian defenseman Maksims Sirokovs has confirmed that he will sign a one-year contract with Karlskrona HK, playing in Swedish Divison 1 (third tier). He will join Latvian forward Arturs Ozolins, who already has a contract with the club.

In an interview to he said: “I had an offer to play in Slovakia, but I did not want to stay there, because the level of organization there is rather low. Moreover, at the end HK Nitra did not pay me all my wage and apparently is not going to. I had also an option to join Finnish Mestis league and also my agent negotiated with Wolfe Freiburg of German 2nd Bundesliga, where Olegs Znaroks used to play. Karlskrona option was the most interesting – both regarding career possibilities and financial aspect. There are good only good comments about Karlskrona. Usually games are attended by 2000 – 3000 people and the team is among the strongest ones in Division 1. Regularly clubs qualify to play in Allsvenskan, also Karlskrona is among the favourites. My contract is proposed for only the next season, however I do hope that together with the new club we will reach Allsvenskan and I will continue my career there.”

Maksims older brother Aleksejs Sirokovs in autumn will begin his second season with Amur Khabarovsk, playing in the KHL.