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Mustukovs: I don’t see myself playing for the national team

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Ervins Mustukovs is a 26-year-old Latvian goalie, who is one of the top Latvian goaltenders at the moment. He is currently having a tremendous season with the Sheffield Steelers of the EIHL. For the previous two seasons he served as the third goalie of KHL’s Dinamo Riga, but never managed to gain the trust of the head coach Julius Supler, only playing two games for the club. Earlier this year Mustukovs also made the Latvian Olympic roster at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, but, serving as the second goalie behind Edgars Masalskis back, failed to spend even a minute in the crease.

In this interview Ervins talks not only about the current season with Sheffield, but also touches the issues of Latvian national team, Dinamo Riga, his own future.

You signed the contract with Sheffield already in May, which somehow indicates that you had decided to leave Dinamo already prior the end of the season. Is it true?

– Yes, it is true. Even though I was willing to play for Dinamo Riga and prove myself, I did not manage to see that chance coming. I had no other options but to search for a new club where to play, as I did not want to stay as the third goalie of Dinamo Riga already for the third straight season. Clubs from several leagues (also Kazakh league and French Ligue Magnus) offered me contracts, however, I gave preference to the EIHL and the Sheffield Steelers.

What were the reasons which led you to playing abroad?

– Well, they were all well-known – despite the fact that I wanted to play for Dinamo Riga, I did not gain the trust of the coaching staff. I did not want to stay without playing anymore, and chose to try my luck elsewhere in Europe. Sheffield came up with an offer of decent wage, great city, arena, league and, more importantly, many shots on goals, as well as the ability to play regularly, which, in my opinion, are the most important issues for a goaltender.

When you signed the contract with Steelers, did you imagine that the season would turn out as successfully as it has done?

– To be honest, at that moment I did not really think about that. For me the most important part was to find a club where I could play regularly. Sheffield offered that. I hoped that I would be able to give a taste of my quality, but you could never know, how it would actually turn out.

How would you evaluate the level of EIHL, compared to the Belarusian Extraleague, where you played previously?

– The level is great, I am not complaining. I believe that for a goaltender it is way better and interesting to play in EIHL rather than Belarus – there are way more games, many shots on goals and it is always more breathtaking, when there is a solid Canadian goalie standing in the opposite net. I am not ready to judge the players, however, I know that the hockey is very much different than the one played in Belarus – here the game is more aggressive, all the players are rushing forward, shooting from every angle imaginable, playing with only three shifts. Yesterday’s game between Metalurgs Liepaja and Coventry Blaze [Continental Cup third round, Coventry won 6:1] was not the easiest one for Liepaja. Obviously, we can not evaluate two leagues out of this single game, but, clearly, people in England know how to play ice hockey.

Recently Ben Simon, the head coach of Steelers, announced that he would not trade you for any other goaltender of the EIHL. What does it mean to you? Also, do you believe you would maintain the trust of Simon, if you played several rather unsuccessful games in a row?

– Similarly to every other goaltender, it means a lot, when a coach trusts you. Despite that, I try not to think about that too much. I want to play hockey, and that is currently the most important thing. Coaches in this league avoid saying anything negative to their goalies, it was the same in the ECHL, yet I do not live in an euphoria because of that. After all, you can never know, how the season will develop. The attitude towards you can always change according to your performance.

In early October you had a chance to play against Boston Bruins. Why did the coach decide to  send you in the net just three minutes before the regulation?

– It was a decision made by him. Probably because I took the trip to Belfast and coach gave me a chance to appear on the scoresheet.

If the game was held in Sheffield, would you have started it in the net, not on the bench?

– If the game was held in Sheffield, most likely I would have been standing in the net. Still, it is only normal, as every coach in the most crucial games plays a goalie, who he trusts the most and who he knows the best. Why should a Belfast Giants coach send a Latvian goalie in the net, if he has a solid British national team player Stephen Murphy on the roster?

Sheffield has the largest arena in the EIHL – do they have also the best fans?

– No, I will not state it only because I play in Sheffield. Still, several EIHL teams have really great fans and Steelers is not an exception. Also Nottingham and Belfast have great fans. All these cities have wonderful arenas and a great support, where their fans follow to their team away tours even to the most distant cities. I would really thank them about that. It is always pleasant to play in front of overcrowded arenas.

You made the Latvian Olympic roster at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, however it was Martins Raitums and Edgars Lusins, who made the 2010 World championship roster. Where do you currently see yourself in the context of the national team?

– I am really not willing to recall Vancouver. I was glad that I made the roster, but right there the positive memories about the Olympic Games ended. As soon as the Olympics finished, I knew that Znaroks would not choose me for the World championship in Mannheim. Frankly speaking, currently I do not see myself in the national team at all. Nobody has ever talked to me about that and it does not seem that anything is going to change. I have played in QMJHL, SPHL, ECHL, which somebody might think requires no effort, however I will reveal a secret – for a Latvian goalie on his own it is not that easy – that is why I was never clear, when nobody from the national team took any interest in me. If any of the younger goalies played in any of those leagues, he would be on the national team already for some time now and made a national hero.

How do you evaluate the fact that the Latvian national team did not use the November break to play any exhibition games, in order to test the nearest reserves of the team?

– I do not believe that such tournaments or exhibition games are necessary at all, and they are the least necessary in November. Everything is decided already before these games anyway. If a game would be won, it would be forgotten easily, however if you let in some unfortunate mistakes, everybody would remember it and remember it for a long time coming. A great example – when I had a 1:0 shutout against the Danish team, nobody cared, as ‘they were only Danes – not that much of shots on goal, etc.’, however, when I let four goals in against the Germans [right before leaving to Vancouver Olympics], people were willing to send me home. People came up with the most unrealistic things, saying that I lack attitude, regular playing, that I do not talk to the teammates. After all, who cares in what form a player is in November, if he has to play in April? Until then everything can change.

Three years ago in an interview you said that the younger goalies should take any opportunity to move to the North American leagues. Now, when your North American career is at least temporarily finished and you have gained more experience, do you still think that way?

– I still believe the younger goalies should go to North America, however they should do it only if they actually have an opportunity to play there at a decent level. It is rather hard to make it even to the SPHL, as they really do not need a Latvian goalie, who they have never heard of. As long as you are not head and shoulders above, they will still prefer a native goalie.

I would like to think that EIHL is not the top of your ambitions? How do you currently look towards the future – where would you like to see yourself playing in three, four seasons?

– I would certainly love to play for Dinamo. That would be very joyful and a great honour, but you can never know, how everything will turn out. A top European league would be fine as well.

I wish you the very best!

Pelss talks about his own past

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Once Edmonton Oilers had picked Latvian forward Kristians Pelss in the seventh round of the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, a lot of people wondered, who is this kid. As months passed and Pelss arrived to Edmonton, some of them were resolved, but not a lot about his earlier days was learned. We now offer not only some background info about the player, but also a small conversation with Pelss.

Kristians has began 2010-11 by posting a goal and adding a single assist in 10 games for the Edmonton Oil Kings of the WHL.

Pelss, who was born in Preili, for the first time stepped on ice in Daugavpils, where he began his junior career. At the age of 16 he managed to earn a spot on the DHK Latgale team, which played in the Belarusian league – a professional league, comparable to British Elite Ice Hockey League, French Ligue Magnus or even Austrian EBEL. In 2009-10, when DHK Latgale, due to financial problems, returned to playing in Latvian league, which currently is a half-professional league, Pelss joined Dinamo Juniors Riga, the farm club of KHL’s Dinamo Riga.

Pelss statistics:

2008-2009 DHK Latgale Belarus 31 3 4 7 17
DHK Latgale-2 Latvia 22 9 11 20 24
Daugavpils U20 Latvia U20 8 3 9 12 16
Latvia U18 WJC-18 D1 4 0 1 1 6
2009-2010 Dinamo Juniors Riga Belarus 46 6 3 9 28
Latvia U18 WJC-18 6 2 1 3 0

Kristians also did not mind answering us a couple of questions about his earlier days of his hockey career.

Who encouraged you to start playing hockey?

– When I was eight years old, my father took me to Daugavpils, where at that time an arena had been recently opened, and already before my first practice he bought me a full equipment – by then I never once had skated, but I learned that fairly quick and I really enjoyed it. Before turning to ice hockey, for several years I attended Judo lessons.

Do you consider yourself an alumnus of Metalurgs Liepaja or Daugavpils hockey school? After all, you have spent reasonable time in both of the cities.

– Despite the fact that I gained a lot also during my time in Liepaja, I am without a doubt an alumnus of Daugavpils hockey school, because that is where I started to play and that is where I grew up as a hockey player.

When you returned to Daugavpils, you had just turned 16 years old – did you expect to make the roster of DHK Latgale, who played in the Belarusian league, straight away?

– No, but prior 2008-09 I was coached by Jurijs Agureikins, who let me practice and play together with one up to three years older players than myself, which I am truly thankful to him.

How did you feel, when, being 16 years old, you started playing among professionals?

– Straight away I felt the difference between junior and professional hockey. Still, at least in my opinion, I got used to the professional hockey pretty fast, as my teammates helped me a lot, often saying what I ought to do in different situations.

What relationship do you have with Vitalijs Hvorostinins? [Hvorostinins also comes from Preili and now plays for Val-d’Ior Foreurs in the QMJHL]

– Well, I could say that he is my best friend – we grew up together and for a longer time played together. Also now we regularly talk to each other on Skype, encouraging one another and that really helps, when you don’t see your friends too often.

Two Latvians at Hull Stingrays

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After undergoing severe financial problems, bankruptcy and a rebirth with new owner, Hull Stingrays has now added two Latvian defenders – Aivars Gaisins and Kriss Grundmanis – to their Elite Ice Hockey League roster.

Gaisins joined Hull Stingrays already in January, to fill holes left by injuries, but apparently was resigned only today. The 28-year-old Latvian played only two games for Stingrays last season, breaking his hand in the latter of them. 21-year-old Kriss Grundmanis spent the previous season with Dinamo Juniors Riga of Belarusian league – the farm club of Kontinental Hockey League’s Dinamo Riga.

This will increase the total number of Latvian in EIHL to four, with Toms Hartmanis already being signed by Newcastle Vipers and goalie Ervins Mustukovs, announced as the league’s best player of week one, playing for Sheffield Steelers. There are another four players in English Premier Ice Hockey League.

Latvian Legion 2010/11

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This list was last updated in mid-January, 2011.

As some of the European leagues have already started their 2010/11 seasons and many others are on the very verge of it, I believe, it is exactly the right time to post a list of all the Latvian players, spending their upcoming seasons abroad. The current list includes 150 players.

This list is never going to be fully complete and that is why any additions or corrections are welcomed at the comments section.

North America

  • National hockey league
  1. Karlis Skrastins – Dallas Stars
  2. Oskars Bartulis – Philadelphia Flyers
  3. Raitis Ivanans – Calgary Flames
  4. Arturs Kulda – Atlanta Thrashers (a possible call-up)
  • American hockey league
  1. Arturs Kulda – Chicago Wolves
  2. Kaspars Daugavins – Binghamton Senators
  3. Oskars Bartulis – Adirondack Phantoms
  • Western hockey league
  1. Kristians Pelss – Edmonton Oil Kings
  • United States hockey league
  1. Zemgus Girgensons – Dubuque Fighting Saints
  • ACHA
  1. Renars Rukmanis – Duquesne University
  • MetJHL
  1. Hedijs Pleskacovs – Florida Eels
  2. Livars Lans – Florida Eels
  • NAHL
  1. Nils Semjonovs – Aberdeen Wings
  2. Ralfs Freibergs – Texas Tornado
  3. Ricards Berzins – Wenatchee Wild
  • GMHL
  1. Nikita Jevpalovs – South Muskoka Shield
  2. Toms Taurins – Bradford Rattlers
  3. Rudolfs Prusis – Bradford Rattlers
  • CSHL
  1. Nauris Buskevics – Quad City Jr. Flames
  • WSHL
  1. Alberts Boluss – Texas Jr. Brahmas
  2. Ivo Dimitrijevs – Arizona Redhawks
  • IJHL
  1. Mareks Kepals – Boston Jr. Blackhawks
  2. Girts Savrinovics – Philadelphia Jackals
  1. Ainis Zalans – Sisec Selects
  2. Rihards Marenis – Sisec Selects
  3. Davis Sprukts – Sisec Selects
  • Midget AAA
  1. Hardijs Kupaks – Ohio Jr. Blue Jackets
  2. Mikus Sprinovskis – PEAC Piranhas
  • Midget AA
  1. Rudolfs Kalvitis – Shattuck St. Mary’s
  • Prep School
  1. Teodors Blugers – Shattuck St. Mary’s
  2. Olafs Jurenko – Cedarburg Bulldogs
  • Rocky Mountain Senior hockey league
  1. Ivars Muzis – Sun Valley Suns
  2. Vilnis Nikolaisons – Sun Valley Suns



  • Austrian Oberliga (third tier)
  1. Matiss Gelazis – Graz 99ers II (also plays in Slovenian league)
  2. Zintis Zusevics – Graz 99ers II (also plays in Slovenian league)


  • Belarussian Extraleague
  1. Atvars Tribuncovs – Gomel
  • MHL
  1. Edgars Ulescenko – Yunost
  2. Aleksandrs Kercs jr. – Yunost
  3. Aleksandrs Galkins – Zubry Minsk

Czech Republic

  • Czech Extraliga
  1. Aleksejs Sirokovs – HC Kometa Brno
  • Czech 2. liga (third tier)
  1. Aleksandrs Baburins – HC Most


  • Al-Bank Ligaen
  1. Sergejs Cubars – Hvidovre
  • Denmark2
  1. Oskars Jursans – Gladsaxe
  2. Dmitrijs Orlovs – Amager Ishockey


  • Meistriliiga
  1. Maris Lotko – HK Kalev-Valk Tartu
  2. Lauris Dancis – HK Kalev-Valk Tartu
  3. Davis Zunde – HK Kalev-Valk Tartu


  • SM-liiga
  1. Kaspars Saulietis – HPK
  2. Armands Berzins – HPK
  • Mestis
  1. Roberts Jekimovs – Jokipojat
  • Suomi-sarja
  1. Gints Purins – Hermes
  2. Gatis Gricinskis – Hermes
  3. Janis Purins – Hermes
  4. Raitis Pujats – FPS
  5. Mihails Koklins – HC Levia
  • Finland4
  1. Girts Jansons – Muik Hockey
  2. Viktors Jasjonis – IK Kronan
  3. Artjoms Ogorodnikovs – IK Kronan
  4. Vadims Vabiscevics – Kraft
  5. Edgars Cermnihs – Kraft
  6. Vladislavs Dudins – Kraft
  7. Janis Liepa – PyPo
  8. Edgars Dzirkalis – PyPo
  9. Roberts Danemanis – PyPo
  10. Nauris Enkuzens – Kiekkohait
  11. Martins Gipters – Kiekkohait
  • Jr. B I-divisioona
  1. Konstantis Sipunovs – Ahmat Hyvinkaa U18


  • Ligue Magnus
  1. Olegs Koreskovs – Morzine-Avoriaz
  • Division 1
  1. Rolands Vigners – Reims
  2. Raimonds Danilics – Montpellier
  3. Janis Brakss – Montpellier
  4. Janis Straupe – Montpellier
  • Division 2
  1. Elvis Zelubovskis – Lyon
  • French U22 league
  1. Rolands Vigners – Reims U22


  • DEL
  1. Herberts Vasiljevs – Krefeld Pinguine
  • Regionalliga
  1. Lauris Ziemins – Herford
  • U20 Bundesliga
  1. Janis Berzins – ESC Moskitos Essen U20
  • DNL
  1. Arturs Birstins – SC Riessersee U18
  2. Vladislavs Tatarnikovs- SC Riessersee U18

Great Britain

  • EIHL
  1. Toms Hartmanis – Newcastle Vipers
  2. Ervins Mustukovs – Sheffield Steelers
  3. Aivars Gaisins – Hull Stingrays
  1. Maris Ziedins – Peterborough Phantoms
  2. Kristaps Pete – Sheffield Steeldogs
  3. Kriss Grundmanis – Sheffield Steeldogs
  4. Edgars Bebris – Sheffield Steeldogs (according to, has gained an UK citizenship)
  5. Janis Ozolins – Sheffield Steeldogs
  6. Andrejs Maslovskis – Telford Tigers


  • Serie A
  1. Agris Saviels – Valpellice
  • Serie B
  1. Olegs Sorokins – Vipiteno


  • Kazakh league
  1. Martins Raitums – Beibarys Atyrau
  2. Andrejs Smirnovs – Beibarys Atyrau
  3. Sergejs Tjoluskins – Beibarys Atyrau


  • Ledo Ritulio Lyga
  1. Vladimirs Parhomenko – Ledo Linija Siauliai
  2. Arturs Batraks – Ledo Linija Siauliai
  3. Raitis Brinecs – Ledo Linija Siauliai
  4. Andris Valters – Ledo Linija Siauliai
  5. Igors Birjukovs – Sadvita Klaipeda
  6. Kristaps Buzats – Sadvita Klaipeda
  7. Nikita Dobrenkijs – Sadvita Klaipeda
  8. Aleksejs Proposins – Sadvita Klaipeda
  9. Guntis Pujats – Sadvita Klaipeda


  • Eredivisie
  1. Aleksandrs Terjohins – Heerenveen Flyers


  • Get Division (second thier)
  1. Janis Smits – Comet


  • Polish 2nd league
  1. Toms Bluks – Sokoly Torun
  2. Edgars Adamovics – Sokoly Torun
  3. Andrejs Lavrenovs – Sokoly Torun


  • KHL
  1. Martins Cipulis – Amur Khabarovsk
  2. Georgijs Pujacs – Sibir Novosibirsk
  3. Aleksandrs Jerofejevs – Metallurg Novokuznetsk
  4. Edgars Masalskis – Yugra Khanty-Mansiysk
  5. Maris Jass – Neftekhimik Niznekamsk
  • VHL
  1. Sergejs Pecura – Krylia Sovetov
  • MHL
  1. Artjoms Dasutins – HK Sheriff
  2. Edgars Ulescenko – Yunost
  3. Aleksandrs Kercs jr. – Yunost
  4. Ronalds Cinks – Krylia Sovetov
  5. Aleksandrs Galkins – Zubry Minsk
  • Russian 1st league
  1. Andrejs Ignatovics – Titan Klin
  2. Juris Ozols – Tital Klin


  • Slovenian league
  1. Matiss Gelazis – Graz 99ers II (also plays in Austrian Oberliga)
  2. Zintis Zusevics – Graz 99ers II (also plays in Austrian Oberliga)


  • Division 1
  1. Aleksandrs Semjonovs – Arboga
  2. Rolands Gritans – Arboga
  3. Arturs Ozolins – Karlskrona HK
  4. Maksims Sirokovs – Karlskrona HK
  5. Sergejs Louskins – Lindlovens IF
  6. Renars Undelis – Lindlovens IF
  7. Alberts Ilisko – Nynashamns IF
  8. Valters Ozolins – Arlanda
  9. Krists Kalnins – Arlanda
  10. Aleksandrs Macijevskis – Bjorkloven
  11. Nikolajs Jerofejevs – Tranas
  • Division 2
  1. Martins Ozolins – Sollentuna HC
  2. Toms Tilla – Sollentuna HC
  3. Aleksandrs Bebriss-Fedotovs – Vannas HC
  4. Roberts Potapenko – Vannas HC
  5. Vadims Maticins – Jonstorps IF
  • Division 3
  1. Elvis Veldze – Syrianska/Armeniska HC
  2. Oskars Blums – Syrianska/Armeniska HC
  • J20 Elit
  1. Kristaps Legzdins – Sunne J20
  • J20 Div. 1
  1. Boriss Tretjakovs – Arboga J20
  • J18 Elit
  1. Martins Lavrovs – Arlanda J18
  2. Edgars Klavins – Lidingo J18
  3. Ansis Brikainis – Lidingo J18
  4. Kristaps Riekstins – Lidingo J18
  5. Kristaps Bazevics – Lidingo J18
  6. Girts Zemitis – Nacka HK J18
  7. Roberts Smits – Nykoping J18
  8. Aleksandrs Bebriss-Fedotovs – Vannas J18
  9. Roberts Potapenko – Vannas J18
  • J18 Div. 1
  1. Boriss Tretjakovs – Arboga J18
  2. Romans Semjonovs – Arboga J18


  • NLB
  1. Ronalds Kenins – GC/Kusnacht Lions
  2. Eriks Ozollapa – Basel
  • 1. Amateur Regio League (third tier)
  1. Gundars Berkis – Chiasso
  • Elite Jr. A
  1. Juris Zandovskis – Gotteron U20
  2. Martins Mezulis – Gotteron U20
  3. Ronalds Kenins – GCK/ZSC Lions U20
  • Elite Jr. B
  1. Janis Kenins – Thurgau U20
  • Elite Novizen
  1. Elvis Merkzlikins – Lugano U18
  2. Deivids Sarkanis – Lugano U18
  3. Ivars Punnenovs – Pikes Oberthurgau U18

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Raitums likely to join Ertis Pavlodar

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Kazakh portal Ekspress K has announced that Kazakh league club Ertis Pavlodar is very close to signing Latvian goalkeeper Martins Raitums, who spent the previous season with Hull Stingrays of the Elite Ice Hockey League.

Martins has participated in four World Championships for Latvian national team and last year was the second goalie, changing Edgars Masalskis in the middle of 1-6 blowout against Canada.

During 2008/09 he played for ASK Ogre – one of the Latvian clubs in the Belarusian league, but last season he managed to join Hull Stingrays only by late January – just before the trade deadline.

Currently also several other Latvian players are in negotiations with Kazakh league clubs and might join them for the next season. According to an unexposable source, the salaries in Kazakhstan are way bigger than, for example, French Ligue Magnus.

Dinamo pre-season camp takes off

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It is July 23 and, according to the rules of the Kontinental Hockey League, teams are officially allowed to begin their pre-season training camps, despite the fact that most of players across the league have been doing individual coach assignments already for some time. Today also Dinamo Riga began their training camp, which takes place in Valmiera, Latvia.

39 players have began the camp and the first cuts are expected to be made already on July 25. Cuts will either play in HK Riga of the MHL or have to find another club, where to pursue their careers. The team will be in Valmiera for a week.

Although the general manager of the club Normunds Sejejs promised that the a signing of a team’s starting goalie will be announced by the beginning of camp, apparently, Sejejs has not managed to fill his promises. Currently on the camp there is also Ervins Mustukovs, who has already signed with Sheffield Steelers of Elite Ice Hockey League for 2010/11, as Steelers will begin their camp only later on.

Currently, for unknown reasons, 1990-born forwards Ronalds Cinks, who is said to have a contract with Dinamo for 2010/11, is not on the camp roster. There were rumours that also Armands Berzins mights join the team for a try-out. Also there is a possibility that Kristaps Sotnieks might join the camp, as he has returned from the Washington Capitals Development Camp.

The camp roster also came up with several players, who were almost forgotten in the Latvian ice hockey society – Guntis Dzerins, Eriks Ozollapa and Edgars Lipsbergs. Guntis Dzerins (older brother of Andris) missed whole 2009/10, because of an injury, previously playing two seasons fro MHC Martin of Slovakian Extraliga. Both Ozollapa and Lipsbergs spent some time studying in the USA. Also two Russian players – Vitaly Karamnov and Igor Biryukov – are taking part in the camp. Karamnov, 1989-born forward, scored 45 points in 42 games in the MHL last season, as well as made seven KHL appearances with the Dynamo Moscow.

Camp roster:

G Chris Holt 1985 USA 2011-12
G Edgars Lusins 1984 Latvia Try-out
G Ervins Mustukovs 1984 Latvia Steelers
G Ivars Punnenovs 1994 Latvia Junior
D Janis Andersons 1986 Latvia ?
D Oskars Cibulskis 1988 Latvia ?
D Guntis Galvins 1986 Latvia ?
D Rodrigo Lavins 1974 Latvia 2011-11
D Sandis Ozolins 1972 Latvia 2011-11
D Jekabs Redlihs 1982 Latvia 2011-11
D Krisjanis Redlihs 1981 Latvia ?
D Arvids Rekis 1979 Latvia 2011-11
D Ricards Birzins 1989 Latvia Junior
D Aleksandrs Galkins 1990 Latvia Junior
D Martins Jakovlevs 1991 Latvia Junior
D Eriks Sevcenko 1991 Latvia Junior
F Girts Ankipans 1975 Latvia ?
F Roberts Bukarts 1990 Latvia 2010-11
F Lauris Darzins 1985 Latvia ?
F Andris Dzerins 1988 Latvia 2010-11
F Mark Hartigan 1977 Canada 2010-11
F Martins Karsums 1986 Latvia 2011-12
F Gints Meija 1987 Latvia ?
F Aleksandrs Nizivijs 1976 Latvia 2010-11
F Mikelis Redlihs 1984 Latvia ?
F Janis Sprukts 1982 Latvia 2010-11
F Tomas Surovy 1981 Czech Rep. 2010-11
F Raimonds Vilkoits 1990 Latvia 2010-11
F Kenneth Bergqvist 1980 Sweden Try-out
F Igor Biryukov 1990 Russia Try-out
F Guntis Dzerins 1985 Latvia Try-out
F Vitaly Karamnov 1989 Russia Try-out
F Edgars Lipsbergs 1989 Latvia Junior
F Eriks Ozollapa 1987 Latvia Try-out
F Sergejs Pecura 1987 Latvia Try-out
F Ainars Podzins 1992 Latvia Junior
F Juraj Simek 1987 Switzerland Try-out
F Juris Stals 1982 Latvia Try-out
F Juris Upitis 1991 Latvia Junior