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By Didzis Rudmanis

SKA ready for the Winter Classic

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Just days ago it was announced that the regular season game between Dinamo Riga and SKA St. Petersburg, planned on January 16, 2011, might be held in an outdoor stadium, thus becoming the first-ever KHL Winter Classic, as Arena Riga is already pre-occupied. Now, several days later, SKA has confirmed that they would be ready for such a game, reports TVNET.

Zigmars Priede, the Director of Hockey Operations of the club, said that also the league has mutually agreed that such a game would be organized. Now, according to Priede, Dinamo Riga is putting together the possible expenses, in order to see, whether the club can afford to organize such a game.

Let me just remind you that it is proposed the game could take place in the Skonto Stadium, just a couple of hundred metres away from Arena Riga. Skonto Stadium, built in 2000, is the national soccer stadium of Latvia, with a seating capacity of only 10,000 [just says how popular soccer is in Latvia]. The other options include playing the game in Liepaja Ice Arena or Ice Arena, both having a capacity of only around 1000 seats.

The original story: A KHL Winter Classic in Riga?

Written by Didzis Rudmanis

November 4, 2010 at 21:37

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