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By Didzis Rudmanis

Metalurgs Liepaja becomes farm club of Dinamo

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According to the general manager of Metalurgs Liepaja Mihails Vasilonoks, after long discussions in the media, Dinamo Riga and Metalurgs have finally signed an agreement, according to which the club from Liepaja becomes the farm club of Dinamo Riga.

The details of the contract remain unknown, however previously it was stated that Metalurgs will not become a traditional farm club – Dinamo will be allowed to send up to five players to Liepaja, but it will not be able to call up players, who have a contract with Dinamo.

Another Dinamo Riga farm club is HK Riga, which is going to play in MHL, but, as MHL is an U21 league, Dinamo had to find a place, where post-junior age players could, not able to make the Dinamo line-up, could play.

Written by Didzis Rudmanis

August 8, 2010 at 14:28

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