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HeKi signs Straupe

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Finnish Mestis (second tier) league club HeKi has signed a two-way contract with 21-year-old Latvian forward Janis Straupe, who was released from Belarusian Metallurg Zhlobin a couple of week ago, reports

Straupe spent the last season with Dinamo Juniors Riga, the affiliate of Dinamo Riga, at the Belarusian Extraleague. He posted 39 (15+24) points in 49 games, finishing the season as the team’s top scorer along Miks Indrasis. In 2008/09 Straupe appeared also in five Dinamo Riga games. Already in May Janis signed a contract with Metallurg Zhlobin, however in the middle of August he was released from the club.

Straupe has become already the fourteenth (!) Latvian in different Finnish leagues for the upcoming season and the fourth Latvian in Mestis, others being Roberts Jekimovs (Jokipojat), Mihails Koklins (LeKi), Janis Purins (try-out, Kiekko-Vantaa).

Latvian Railways Cup – through the prism of Dinamo

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This evening Dinamo Riga lost to Lokomotiv Yaroslavl in the final game of the 2010 Latvian Railways Cup. The final score was 5:1. The only goal for Dinamo was scored by Tomas Surovy early in the third period.

However, in general, Dinamo played a solid tournament in front of their fans, winning OHK Dynamo Moscow 4:2 and in the first game between Dinamo and Lokomotiv – winning Lokomotiv 5:1. Still, Dinamo lost to Atlant 3:5, but that game was played without Sandis Ozolins and Aleksandrs Nizivijs on the roster. Lauris Darzins has a minor injury, which let him miss the whole tournament, also Guntis Galvins missed the second half of the tournament.

During this week we could finally conclude that the Dinamo’s first line, at least for the beginning of the season, will be Nizivijs – Hartigan – Surovy, Ozolins – Cibulskis. The only possible change might be adding a more experienced partner for Ozolins, although Cibulskis proved himself to have improved his game over the summer. Despite the fact that the line is playing together for less than a month, they already have established great chemistry and will be a huge force during the season.

Also the second attacking line remained the same during the tournament and most likely will stay like that until September. Karsums – Sprukts – Ankipans was certainly the best line at the yesterday’s 5:1 victory over Lokomotiv. Sprukts played a terrific game, posting three (1+2) points, while Karsums scored another two goals. All three fit together pretty well.

As Darzins missed the tournament, regarding the third and fourth line head coach Julius Supler could arrange some experimental lines, which he did not regret doing. During the tournament we saw:

Bukarts – Trotter – M.Redlihs, Karamnov – Dzerins – Meija (these two lines were played in both games against Yaroslavl)

Podzins – Karamnov – Stals, Meija – Dzerins – Bukarts

Trotter – Karamnov – M.Redlihs, Meija – Dzerins – Bukarts.

However, it still seems that after the return of Darzins, we will see Darzins – Trotter – M.Redlihs as the third line, but the fourth line at the beginning of the season might look like Bukarts – Karamnov(Dzerins) – Meija.

There could be more speculations about the defensive pairings, so I will leave them out. Tellqvist stood in the net during three of the games and let in a total of 13 pucks, while Holt, in his only game, let in only a single goal. However, I would still doubt that Holt will be the starting goalie at the in September.

Dinamo will play only one more exhibition game – on September 3 against Metalurgs Liepaja. On September 9 the regular season will begin and Dinamo will face SKA in St. Petersburg.

Ozollapa for a try-out in Lahti

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Latvian forward Eriks Ozollapa, who was recently released from the Dinamo Riga training camp, will join Pelicans Lahti of the SM liiga for a try-out next week, informs news agency LETA.

Ozollapa spent the previous four seasons playing in different North American leagues. Last two years he spent at the Robert Morris University in Illionis, whose team plays in the ACHA. The 23-year-old Latvian was released from Dinamo camp without having a chance to wear the Dinamo jersey at a single exhibition game.

Eriks becomes already the 13th (!) Latvian in different professional leagues of Finland at the moment and one of the three Latvians in the SM liiga, the other two being Kaspars Saulietis and Armands Berzins (try-out) in HPK. There are also Roberts Jekimovs, Mihails Koklins and Janis Purins (try-out) in different Mestis clubs, as well as seven Latvians in Suomi-sarja.

Atyrau remains unapproachable

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It has been two weeks, since the Beibarys Atyrau camp in Latvia ended and four(not three!) of the Latvian players, who were in the camp, were about to be signed. However, contracts would be signed only once they arrived in Kazakhstan. That has not happened as of yet, while all four players are still waiting for a visa.

Let me remind you that there were five players in the club for a try-out – Martins Raitums, Sergejs Tjoluskins, Ricards Birzins, Andrejs Smirnovs and Elvis Zelubovskis. Although it was previously announced that only Raitums, Birzins and Smirnovs had impressed coaches enough to be signed, also Sergejs Tjoluskins is currently waiting for a visa, in order to get on a flight to Kazakhstan.

The only Latvian player cut, Elvis Zelubovskis, just days after the camp ended joined Vastervik IK of the Swedish Division 1. For a try-out…

U20 roster for the Zholtok Cup announced

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Latvian Hockey Federation has announced the Latvian national U20 team roster for the sixth Sergei Zholtok Memorial Cup, which will take place on September 1-4 in Riga, Latvia. This year the tournament will include Latvian, Belarusian, Danish U20 teams, as well as the Russian U18 team.

In December the team, led by Leonids Beresnevs, will play in World U20 Championships Div.1 tournament in Belarus. Latvian team will have only one aim – to win over Belarusians and to return to the Elite division.

Tournament schedule:

September 1, 19:00 Latvia U20 – Belarus u20
September 2, 16:00 Denmark U20 – Belarus U20
September 2, 19:15 Latvia U20 – Russia U18
September 3, 16:00 Belarus U20 – Russia U18
September 3, 19:15 Latvia U20 – Denmark U20
September 4, 15:00 Russia U18 – Denmark U20

The roster includes all the best junior players, currently playing in Latvia. As of players, who are playing abroad, only Ronalds Kenins (GC/Kusnacht Lions) and Girts Jansons (Muik Hockey) will take part in this tournament. It is expected that the World Championship roster will also include Kristians Pelss (Edmonton Oil Kings), Vitalijs Hvorostinins (fighting for a spot on Val-d’Or Foreurs), Rolands Vigners (Reims), Matiss Mezulis (Gotteron U20) and probably also brothers Ralfs and Kristers Freibergs, both playing in Sweden.

Official roster for the tournament:

G Toms Broks HK Riga
G Janis Kalnins Metalurgs Liepaja
D Arturs Salija HK Riga
D Eriks Sevcenko HK Riga
D Glebs Rogoza Metalurgs Liepaja
D Martins Jakovlevs HK Riga
D Martins Porejs HK Riga
D Raimonds Tubelis HK Riga
D Reinis Demiters Metalurgs Liepaja-2
D Rolands Gritans Metalurgs Liepaja-2
D Romans Sevcenko Metalurgs Liepaja-2
F Arturs Mickevics HK Riga
F Bruno Zabis Metalurgs Liepaja-2
F Edgars Abolins Metalurgs Liepaja-2
F Egils Kalns Metalurgs Liepaja-2
F Elvijs Biezais HK Riga
F Girts Jansons Muik Hockey
F Juris Upitis HK Riga
F Maris Bicevskis HK Riga
F Maris Dilevka Metalurgs Liepaja
F Miks Lipsbergs HK Riga
F Raimonds Upenieks HK Riga
F Ronalds Kenins GC/Kusnacht Lions
F Vladislavs Dobrenkijs HK Riga

Berzins makes some company to Saulietis in HPK

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Finnish SM league club HPK has made two announcements today – Latvian forward Kaspars Saulietis, who was in the club for a try-out, has signed a one-year contract, but another Latvian Armands Berzins, who played parts of past two seasons with Dinamo Riga, has joined the club for a try-out.

Armands Berzins played full 2008/09 with the Dinamo Riga. He was third line center between Lauris Darzins and Mikelis Redlihs. The line had great chemistry, as all three had played together also in Latvian national team and HK Riga 2000, however Armands had one disadvantage – throughout the years he became too slow for his line partners. Dinamo Riga signed center Martin Kariya for 2009/10 and Berzins not only lost his spot on the third, but also on the fourth line, as fourth line center often was 1990-born Ronalds Cinks (KHL requires an U20 player on the roster, if the team is willing to play four full lines).

Berzins and Saulietis are not the first Latvian in HPK. In 2005/06, when HPK became the league champion, both Janis Sprukts and Kaspars Astasenko were on the roster, but during the 1990’s also Rodrigo Lavins and Vjaceslavs Fanduls spent one season with the club.

Hermes sign Purins and Gricinskis

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Finnish Suomi-Sarja (third tier) club Hermes, where five Latvian where trying to earn a spot on the team’s roster, decided to sign two of them – defender Gints Purins and forward Gatis Gricinskis. Both players signed a one-year contract with the club. Renars Undelis is still with the club, while Janis Bullitis has been released.

Still, they are only few of the Latvians, currently for a try-out in Finnish clubs. Edgars Cermnihs and Vadims Vabiscevics are still trying to impress the coaching staff of S-Kiekko (Suomi-sarja). Older brother of Gints Purins, Janis, is currently fighting for a spot on the Mestis (second thier) club Kiekko-Vantaa roster. Also Latvian national team forward Kaspars Saulietis is pursuing his try-out at HPK of SM-liiga.

Outside Finland, Elvis Zelubovskis is for a try-out in Vastervik IK of the Swedish Divison 1, but the 17-year-old is currently in Salzburg, trying to earn a spot on the second team’s roster.

The Major List: Latvian league roster applications

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This article(let’s be modest, this list) reveals approximately 70% of all the players, who will step on the ice for a Latvian league game next season. Today a list of roster applications was published in Sporta Avize. However, HK Ogre and Lithuanian Orakulas Vilnius have not submitted applications as of yet.

HK Ozolnieki/Monarhs

The team has not added a single player to the roster, the teams will still consist of veteran Latvian players, who have played for Ozolnieki/Monarhs (Vilki Riga, HK NIK’s Brih Riga) for many, many years. Naturally, team also includes several younger players, like Kristaps Stigis or Aldis Pizans.

HK Ozolnieki/Monarhs roster:

G Kristaps Stigis 1987
G Sergejs Kuznecovs 1978
D Aldis Pizans 1989
D Aleksandrs Siskovics 1972
D Andris Vegners 1979
D Edgars Rozentals 1976
D Janis Lukasevskis 1970
D Mihails Bogdanovs 1976
D Nikolajs Jakovlevs 1972
D Vadims Solovjovs 1970
D Vitalijs Goncaruks 1979
F Artjoms Ogorodnikovs 1989
F Eriks Bisenieks 1982
F Janis Vegners 1977
F Maris Dreilings 1970
F Nikita Krilovs 1985
F Nikolajs Jerofejevs 1986
F Olegs Koreskovs 1984
F Peteris Ostosovs 1972
F Romans Glazkovs 1984
F Sergejs Povecerovskis 1960
F Vadims Romanovskis 1978
F Viktors Lobacovs 1986
F Vilnis Vabolis 1967
F Vitalijs Gurevics 1972

Metalurgs Liepaja-2

Metalurgs farm club has only a couple of minor additions, but most of the new faces on the Metalurgs Liepaja-2 roster will come from the Metalurgs U18 team.

Metalurgs Liepaja-2 roster:

G Janis Kalnins 1991
G Nauris Grinvalds 1990
G Vadims Miscuks 1993
D Arturs Kuzmenkovs 1993
D Edgars Siksna 1993
D Gatis Bruders 1991
D Reinis Demiters 1991
D Romans Sevcenko 1991
D Sandis Sostaks 1993
F Bruno Zabis 1991
F Daniel Bogdziul 1994
F Davis Paipa 1991
F Egils Kalns 1991
F Pauls Hodzko 1993
F Peteris Pujats 1990
F Renars Kalinovskis 1993
F Rodijs Razmuss 1990
F Sergejs Tarabrins 1992
F Valters Freijs 1994
? Dmitrijs Labovskis 1993

DHK Latgale

DHK Latgale roster:

G Arturas Kuzmicius 1990
G Raivis Cimoska 1993
G Ruslans Kurelass 1991
D Andrejs Kondrovskis-Kudrjavskis 1993
D Edgars Apelis 1989
D Imants Lescovs 1994
D Kalvis Ozols 1993
D Sergejs Petuskovs 1991
D Vadims Sinakovs 1992
D Vladislavs Balakuns 1988
F Aleksandrs Kercs 1967
F Andrei Lukin 1989
F Arnis Kusins 1991
F Arturs Sevcenko 1994
F Deniss Baskatovs 1993
F Deniss Martjusovs 1984
F Eduards Bullitis 1986
F Egidius Bauba 1977
F Ivans Kokins 1991
F Jevgenijs Fjodorovs 1993
F Kristians Drelings 1993
F Leonards Rimjans 1994
F Ralfs Barkevics 1993
F Renats Vabiscevics 1990
F Rihards Grigors 1992
F Sandis Virkstenis 1991
F Vitalijs Lescovs 1991
F Vladislavs Lescovs 1993
? Marks Zeldess 1993


Zemgale roster:

F Andis Abolins 1986
? Lauris Dzerins ?
D Aigars Mironovics 1976
D Hardijs Paradnieks 1987
F Eriks Ozollapa 1987
D Kriss Kupcus 1990
F Henrijs Uzraugs 1990
D Otomars Plinta 1990
D Rihards Strauss 1993
F Arturs Batraks 1990
G Kristaps Kruze 1993
D Kaspars Kragis 1992
D Miks Komuls 1993
F Janis Zarins 1993
F Dairis Zarins 1992
G Renars Kazanovs 1984
F Arturs Abolins 1994
G Janis Auzins 1991
F Edgars Cuss 1992
F Janis Sahno 1991


SK LSPA/Riga roster:

G Karlis Zakrevskis 1993
G Ronalds Burnickis 1988
G Silvestrs Kulins 1993
D Andrejs Smirnovs 1992
D Arvis Petunovs 1993
D Dmitrijs Ankudinovs 1991
D Maksims Krutjko 1993
D Ojars Smaukstelis 1993
D Viktors Sorins 1992
F Armands Holms 1991
F Dags Laucins 1992
F Gints Leitis 1992
F Ivans Dmitrijevs 1992
F Janis Zarins 1991
F Juris Ziemins 1993
F Karlis Hirss 1992
F Lauris Ziemins 1989
F Livars Lans 1993
F Maksims Firsovs 1991
F Oto Everss 1992
F Pauls Krumins 1993
F Pavels Tribuncovs 1993
F Rihards Kepitis 1992
F Sandis Saulite 1993
F Viktors Rutkovskis 1993
? Rozenbergs ?
? Zagars ?

Prizma Riga

Prizma Riga roster:

G Janis Liepa 1993
G Raivis Turks 1993
D Ansis Brikainis 1993
D Edvins Kolcins 1992
D Freibergs ?
D Nauris Buskevics 1993
D Renars Zeltins 1994
D Ricards Berzins 1992
D Rinalds Audziss 1993
D Vladislavs Dudins 1992
F Aigars Pauce 1993
F Artjoms Sutovs 1994
F Daniels Riekstins 1994
F Edgars Dzirkalis 1993
F Edgars Kurmis 1993
F Edgars Opulskis 1994
F Eduards Zenins 1993
F Filips Plostnieks 1994
F Justas Steponaitis 1993
F Kristaps Riekstins 1993
F Mikus Hermanis 1993
F Rihards Malinovskis 1990
? Ancs ?
? Brants ?
? Mackevics ?
? Mitjanovs ?
? Savrinovics ?
? Zarovs ?

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Bullitis resigns with DHK Latgale

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Also Latvian league clubs are continuing their preparation for the upcoming season and DHK Latgale has announced that it has resigned 24-year-old forward Eduards Bullitis, who played for the club already last season, informs club’s homepage.

Last season he finished just behind Lithuanian teammate Egidijus Bauba, who collected 58 points and was the league top scorer. Bullitis finished with 56 points. By the way, also Bauba will play this season in DHK Latgale.

The team has also made several addition to their roster, which includes Lithuanian goalkeeper Arturas Kuzmicius, 18-year-old forward Rihards Grigors, who appeared in eight games for HK Ozolnieki/Monarhs last season, defender Edgars Apelis, who played for Dinamo-Juniors Riga last season. The club will also see the return of Aleksejs Matvejevs, who spent the last season with Bietigheim-Bissingen U20 of the German U20 league.

Metalurgs Liepaja wins Polish national team

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Latvian club Metalurgs Liepaja spent the last few days in Poland, where it took part in the Sosnowiec Cup, as a part of the team’s pre-season schedule. On August 21, the last day of the cup, Metalurgs Liepaja managed to win over Polish national team and finish the tournament in second place.

On Day 1 Metalurgs Liepaja faced HC Ocelari Trinec of the Czech Extraleague and lost 2:4. Goals for Liepaja were scored by Edgars Brancis and Vladimirs Mamonovs.

Metalurgs line-up:

Dmitrijs Zabotinskis

Vents Feldmanis – Yuri Navarenko; Vladimirs Mamonovs – Artem Gnidenko – Valerijs Filimonovs

Arturas Katulis – Sergei Gubin; Edijs Brahmanis – Edgars Brancis – Gunars Skvorcovs

Renars Demiters – Edmunds Kniksts; Lauris Bajaruns – Vitalijs Pavlovs – Toms Zeltins

Nerius Alisauskas – Glebs Rogoza; Koba Jass – Maris Gravitis – Maris Dilevka(Aldis or Edgars Abolins)

The roster of Metalurgs Liepaja stayed exactly like this for the rest of the tournament. On Day 2 Metalurgs won local Zaglebie Sosnowiec 5:2 with two goals scored by Ukrainian Artem Gnidenko, as well as Lithuanian Arturas Katulis, Vladimirs Mamonovs and Valerijs Filimonovs. In the team’s 2:1 win over Polish NT the goal scorers were Filimonovs and Skvorcovs.

On September 3 Metalurgs Liepaja will play their last exhibition game against Dinamo Riga. The team will begin the regular season on September 8, when it will play against Khimvolokno Mogilev.