Latvian Hockey News Report

By Didzis Rudmanis

Blinovs joins Shakhter Soligorsk

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Latvian forward Viktors Blinovs will remain in the Belarusian league also next season, however he will play in Shakhter Soligorsk, the farm club of KHL’s Dynamo Minsk, instead of Metallurg Zhlobin, where he spent his previous season.

Most likely, Blinovs has a two-way contract, so, in a case of great performance, he could work his way back to the KHL, where he played 24 games with Dinamo Riga in 2008-09.

Actually, Kaspars Saulietis (who is currently in HPK for a try-out), has already taken this path in the past. He played in Zhlobin, but was noticed by the board of Dynamo Minsk and signed a contract, so that he joined Dynamo Minsk mid-season of 2008-09. He continued playing in Minsk also in 2009-10.

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